Trick or Treat?

Mike White Author

A new paperback and ebook compilation out today! It’s a collection of five of my favourite ghost/horror stories that I think are ideal for reading out loud at Halloween. I always try and do a reading of something I have written at Christmas, so I thought Halloween should be no different!

The five stories I have selected are:

  • A Challenging Game of Crumble
  • The Minstrel’s Tale
  • The Vanished Man
  • Farewell, my love
  • The Ghost Next Door

So something for everyone there – from the classic “locked room” mystery to the (dare I say it myself) slightly gory conclusion of the Minstrel’s Tale, as well a more “Pratchettesque” approach to Halloween with “A Challenging Game of “Crumble”” then there is something for everyone!

Pricing is reasonable too – paperback for £4.99 and ebook at £1.99   – enjoy!


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Shropshire Visit

Well I’ve not had much luck with my hiking for a while!  We usually slow down a bit in the winter but after a bereavement and a bad knee injury I’ve been much less active.

We have been out for quite a few car trips though, earlier this week we were in the Wem area and discovered a little gem called The Moat.  It’s an English Heritage site with a great looking restaurant called The Moat Shed.  You can find out more here but I know I’ll be back soon for a very tempting sounding breakfast!


Picnic near Glyn Ceiriog

We had a quick scout around near Glyn Ceiriog last week, trying a new area for our walks but still fairly near to home.  We almost bought a house near there a few years back so know it a little, turned out to be really exciting with lots of possibilities!

Ceiriog Valley

Had a couple of amazing walks in the Ceiriog Valley recently, such a beautiful area, can’t wait to explore it more! We’ve bought a new picnic blanket and even though the sit mats are great, it’s lovely to spread out a bit, took full advantage of it at the reservoir today, so comfy!

West Beach, Llandudno

Beautiful picnic today at West Beach Llandudno, nothing beats a blanket on the sand and a flask of tea.  Got some nice photos even though I forgot my snazzy camera and had to use my phone, including one of mist which to me looks like a hand grabbing the Great Orme!

Even managed a mini sandcastle from our used ice cream tubs, a fabulous day in a stunning spot.

The Forest Lake

Bit of an adventure our last hike, the landowner clearly wasn’t keen on ramblers so a lot of the stiles had been taken down and in one place the only crossing over a wide stream / river dismantled, it is a pretty major route too so a bit of a surprise but never mind.  We gave it a good try crossing over a muddy bit of the stream / river (nearly losing a boot in the calf deep mud and having to hand dig ourselves out) but eventually had to turn back….bit of an adventure though like I said and the riverside tea and cake picnic was well worth the trip!